BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS by Belvedere Farmhouse

food, cosmetics, accessories, Christmas gift baskets...

Belvedere Farmhouse in Bellaria-Igea Marina offers a wide range of BIOLOGICAL FOOD Products.
The most precious are: LAVENDER HONEY produced by our bees and LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL valuable for its MULTIPLE PROPERTIES and THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS (anti-stress, anti-depressive, soothing and repellent against insect bites, to treat headache, cough, cold and sunburn, reactivating blood flow ...)

... and more:Jams and biscuits, bitters and liqueurs, italian Christmas soft pie (named panettone), nougats and italian Easter soft pie and other specialties.

BIOLOGICAL COSMETICS Products ( oils, soaps, shampoos, fragrances for your house...), Accessories, gift boxes and Christmas baskets...

Info and Purchasing: Mr. Paolo + 39 338.6692180

Blu Lavanda

For over 10 years we are growing and working "LAVENDER", a scented evergreen shrub with delightful violet-blue flowers. The Fluid that is checked out from lavender is very fragrant and for centuries it has been used in several sectors ( food, cosmetics, curative and therapeutic ...).

Our lavender fields are processed only with natural manure and therefore they will ensure you anEXCELLENT QUALITY BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS.

FOOD _ genuine classic and unusual flavors :

To sweeten your life:

LAVANDER HONEY | EXTRA JAMS : Lavender - Grape Strawberry - Pineapple and macaroon flavour - Peach and Vanilla - Apricots and Cardamom

EXTRA JAMS : Cooked Grape Must with spices - Melon and Port wine - Berries and Oranges - Strawberries and Champagne - Figs and grapes strawberry
only Figs - only Grape Strawberry - Plums |... and even other sophisticated tastes

BISCUITS with lavender aroma : Classics biscuits and shortbread cookies | Licorice LIQUOR
Herbs and Lavender BITTER | Cooked GRAPE MUST

PANETTONE ( italian Christmas soft pie ) with lavender Crystals | TORRONE ( italian Xmas sweet with nougat )| Christmas gift basket

COLOMBA ( italian Easter soft pie ) | LAVENDER flavorings for roasts

COSMETICS _ relaxing delicate fragrances :

Products complying our bodies and the environment :

BODY products: LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL PURE 100% | VEGETABLE LAVENDER SOAP ( balancing, suitable for all skin types )
BATH FOAM with aloe and lavender essential oils. Body and mind relaxing foam| Body MILK with aloe and lavender essential oils
Legs and feet REFRESHING CREAM. It gives prolonged relief and well-being prolonged. Excellent for relaxing massage.

HAIR CARE products: DELICATE LAVENDER SHAMPOO suitable for frequent washing

HOME products _ scents which give harmony:

To breathe everyday relaxing essences :

Lavender flowers FRAGRANCES for wardrobes, drawers and other small spaces